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Where to have breakfast in New York?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we need it to recharge our batteries and walk to discover this great city.

Depending on what type of tourist you are, NYC offers you various types of breakfasts. From breakfasts on the go as a true New Yorker does to breakfast in some of the best coffee shops in Manhattan, as in the style of Sex and the city. The truth is that you will find many places to have breakfast, there´s Dunkin’ Donuts every two blocks and famous Delis where you can order sandwiches like the classic grilled pastrami, cafeterias, bakeries, Starbucks and more.

Now if what you are looking for is to have an American-style breakfast, you can opt for a diner where pancakes, bagels, eggs, bacon and toast abound. You can also go to a cafeteria typical of movies. The price will also be a bit more like Blue Box Café by Daniel Boulud from Tiffany, Ralph Lauren Café or Perrine.

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